Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photographer: Bobby Earle

Surely you've heard of Bobby Earle? He's the whole reason I even got a twitter. Not gonna lie. I started it so I could follow him. I also thought it was super cool that when I became his friend on facebook, that he acccctually took the time to look at my page and comment on a few photos instead of just clicking the accept button. Has he looked at my page since? Probably not, he's got a ton of friends...but still.

Anyway, you're probably wondering why I'm blogging about this dude. Mostly because he's just pretty awesome. But, also because he's giving away a shootsac! You see, one reason I love to keep up with Bobby is because he's always going on these awesome trips out of the country that he likes to call, Raddest Photo Trip Ever! His next trip is this December, and you can go too! Check out the details here. And while it's most certainly out of my budget this year, I dream of going one day. He brings back these amazing images that you just can. not. get. here in the states. He tells tales of these amazing people that I love hearing about. He gets to see parts of history that I've only read about. Life changing experiences.

In addition to his blog posts about the RPTE...there's a few other reasons I love following Bobby's work.
 - His style of shooting may not be for everybody...but it's his. It's distinctly his.
 - The love that he and his wife share is incredible. The way he talks about her is amazing.
 - Before & After Wednesdays - I love when photogs share things like this.
 - He's very open. and he just plain loves life and you can see it in every post.

So here's to Bobby Earle - thanks for blogging like you do, it's inspiring!


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