Friday, December 10, 2010

Family & Photos

I'm so happy my family trusts me to do their portraits for them. They support me to the fullest and knowing I created something that will be seen for many many many years and beyond my years, is really cool. The latest pics belong to my cousin Chris & his wife Rachel...just posted part of their session over on my photo blog.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New shoes.

They say you can never really have too many pairs of black heels. I totally agree. With the fall approaching, and the fact that my peep toes were pretty much just wore out, I'd been wearing a pair to work that looked like this, but with a slightly smaller heel, by Mossimo. The below are Franco Fortini from Rack Room Shoes.

Well, I went out to Macy's a couple of weeks ago when they were having that huge 2 day sale, I had $50 on a gift card and a $10 off my purchase coupon, and the store was a MESS. I was looking for a few things in particular. A new basic black pump, a brown every day boot similar to the Dr. Martens my husband wears religiously, and and new dressy black boot to replace my 7yr old ones that have pretty much had their run. I couldn't bring myself to buy a single thing. So I walked over to Rack Room just...looking for something...anything that might work for me. And I found these by Xappeal:

Paid a whopping $19.48 for them. And they. are. perfect. They're easy to walk in, the perfect height, the perfect shape. I just love them.

And well, I drive. I drive a lot. I love driving. And it RUINS my shoes. Yes, I've brought flats to wear just to drive in, and that worked for like a week, but then it was just becoming a hassle and I gave up. So I don't spend too much on shoes anymore. Not basic ones. Nope.

When I got back to work that day, I went online to Macy's and ordered these boots, since they were nowhere to be found in the store.
Cheaper than Dr. Martens and I was ok with ordering these online. Docs are like...impossible to find in women's sizes instore. Not even at my local journey's. Boo on that. But I saved like $50 buy buying these anyway and I like em better!

If you've got any similar stories about shoes, feel free to share :)

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