Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picking out fonts is hard y'all.

No im not blogging about Vegas. Pics are at home. I'm at work. That'd be a no-go.

But i was sitting here on my lunch break and i had our photography business name in photoshop...and i clicked on the font name area and just started hitting the down arrow so it'd just scroll through the different fonts and i could see what all of the letters looked like in different fonts. That doesnt sound too bad except i have 811 fonts installed on top of the default ones. And i want the R and the J to be one font. And i want the Studios to be a different font. And then ill somehow combine them.

But Rebecca, you have a logo already!

Yes, yes i do, and i dont quite like it much. I'd prefer something more modern and handwritten or sans serif or something along those lines and Justin likes the fanciness of it now. I think it's too fancy. That - and with the new site launching soon, im trying to get it all laid out properly and i dont like how the nav menu lines up with the current logo. That damn "J" goes down way too far past the "R" and therefore it doesnt line up with  the nav bar like i want. So i repeated this to Justin numerous times and then i started trying to figure out a solution. Hence the predicament im in right now. Trying to be nice and have Justin involved in this wonderful decision, I picked out a bunch of separate fonts that i liked the R in and numbered them and put them in a single document and sent it to him. I did this with the J and the word Studios too. And then i told him to pick out his favorites and id go from there. So he did. And i thought it was funny because he did NOT pick the word Studios in the current font we have it as. bwaha. Maybe i kinda knew he wouldnt and tricked him? hehe. but there was a similar one in there that he did pick and that i liked better anyway.

so here i am with 3 different files open in photoshop all with our new font picks, trying to make something work. Maybe i should get back to my real work and give this a break, cause it's all starting to look the same.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lending a Helping Hand

This past weekend we went and photographed a benefit golf tournament for Jamie Merendino. Jamie is a childhood friend of a co-worker of mine. She was a cheerleader at UT and graduated from UT in 2005 and now works for D Magazine in Dallas. In June (at age 26) she was diagnosed with Mediastinum Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her brother organized a benefit golf tournament at Belle Oaks Golf Club on Saturday. You can also visit www.JamieFight.com. There was a silent auction at the welcome party on Friday, and between that and the golf tournament, they raised $23,000!

We were at the golf tournament from 8-1 on Saturday morning - the mosquitos were brutal!! I think I have over 40 bites. Over half of them are on my butt. Those suckers bit through my blue jeans and ignored the 3 layers of off i had on. But I think the photos turned out nice, and ill have those ready in a couple days.

On the way up there, I was driving the truck. And Justin said: I like how the seats sit in the truck. I can see your belly and it's pudgy. Oh thanks honey! And then he said that I should get pregnant just so he can see how big I'd get. Really? that sounds like a great reason! On that note - im still under 150 lbs and he's still under 200. We've recently started the biggest loser workout DVDs and im friggin sore. A good sore. but sore. Havent seen results yet, we've only done the workout like 3/4 times. But this week we're going full force, ever day, and maybe ill lose a couple lbs. I have about 9 lbs to lose and justin has almost 30! So he can shove his little pudgy belly comments up his you know what! ha!

PS - I realize i havent blogged about Vegas. I dont really know why. But i will. Maybe tomorrow. :-p

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Fever (ha, not quite...maybe.)

Ok here's the breakdown - im 24, Justin is 28, we're newlweds, and neither of us have any kiddos. He's an only child. I have a sister with 2 kids and a stepson. Most of the time - I see my niece and nephew, they're a terror (cute tho), and im all good for awhile.

Until recently. (warning: most of the things in the next paragraph may be frivolous)

All my friends have kiddos. There's some new kiddos in the family. And im a little saddened that if/when we have a kiddo, they arent going to have any close playmates cause all the kids we know will all be older. I'm attending all these 1 yr birthday parties, and i get all sad when im the only one there without a kid. Like really...im the only one? Unless my bestie goes with me and then there's 2 of us, but that still doesnt make me feel real good. Ok, stupid reason ahead - holy crap i want a kid to take pics of ALL the time. Stupid but true. All my friends had kids before i really got into the photography stuff and now nobody has any newborns. I get to take pics of cute toddlers tho. But if I had my own kid, i wouldnt have to borrow everyone elses when i get an idea. Oh and all the knottie/nestie girls and their signatures dont help either. If i want to post I have to go stare at cute kids.

Ok seriously tho - I'd like to experience motherhood before the end of the world. (i wont exaggerate further on THAT note - well basically i just want to experience it in my lifetime. just want the experience period. maybe i shoulda just said that). Id also like my children to know their great great grandmother (my GREAT grandmother obviously). I was so, so thrilled she was able to make it to the wedding. Her husband is gone, and all of his siblings are gone, and she only has 1 sibling left. But she's amazing. And I know if she does not make it much longer, my child will still have it's GREAT grandma (my grandma), but it just wouldnt be the same. And i know Justin's grandparents would love to see him with a kiddo too. I'd hate for any of them to leave this world and not get to see that.


Being pregnant freaks me the hell out. I know having children is "natural" - but it doesnt look natural to me. Dont get me wrong, there's some super cute and beautiful pregnant women out there, but it doesnt really ease my mind any. And childbirth just looks like pure pain. and then boom, there's a kid outside of you and im like HOLY SHIT! that JUST happened. freaks. me. out.

and i have a small house (well it's not too small. it's 3 bedrooms, and id prefer 4). and i dont really want to move right now. and no matter how bad i want to decorate a nursery (thanks nesties...), i dont really have a room for one. it'd prolly turn out boring anyway, and then id be an emotional wreck. And financially speaking, well at the moment, there's just other things id prefer to spend my money on than baby stuff.

So conclusion is : i'm totally not pregnant.

Justin wants a kid before he's 30. My bestie wants a kid now - but realistically in the next 2 years. So my plan is - when she gets married in April - we all start trying. LOL

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I do love my Michael Kors

Ok so after my birthday i kinda sorta blogged a link to the shoes i wanted and got for my birthday. I just dont think that link did the shoes justice, i really dont. I may have also noted i didnt know what to wear with them...and ive since bought a few new pieces of clothing for my closet. haha! i bought some not quite skinny pant, but more like straight legged, look like dark denim, but totally arent cause it's much thinner fabric pants and a mustard yellow fitted short sleeved sweater, and some linen khakis, and ivory fitted short sleeved sweater, and they look great with both outfits. sorry i dont have pics of those. im not a real big fashionista, i just love shoes! And here's my current favorite pair:


Monday, September 14, 2009

New Domain Name!

I just bought www.iraceinheels.com.

But dont bother clicking there - yet. There's nothing there - yet. I seriously just bought it like 10 minutes ago. And I have no idea why. Well almost.

You see - I designed these shirts, the best selling one being "I Race In Heels."

I was also partly involved in getting this other forum for female racers going. And I have this blog. And while im not quite as active in the car world in recent months, it's still very much a passion of mine. In fact, just this weekend, my mom had her black 2002 V6 mustang over at our house to work on, and Justin was NOT in the garage by himself ;) We changed her fuel filter and O2 sensors and then found what caused her O2 sensor to go out - her exhaust manifold gasket and the idiot shop she let work on it last time. And I cut my knuckle on her car. You're welcome mom! LOL Oh and Justin almost smashed my wedding rings on the jack. I was under the car and didnt want to get them covered in fuel so i took them off and put them on the jack. I went back inside and came back out to Justin with the jack under the car. I was like WAIT! NO! I saved my rings. They're fine.

Back to the new site. I dont quite know what im going to do with it yet. I might have it point to the cafepress site. I might have it point to this blog. I might start a forum. I might make a splash page that directs to all 3. I dunno. Any ideas for me?

I do plan on redesigning a few more shirts. I dont think id ever make it to the point of just selling the shirts myself instead of through cafe press. I mean i guess i could? But that'd take a lot of upfront costs? Maybe in a few years. :-p I'm perfectly content right now and mainly just wanted to snag the name before no one else.

I googled it for a bit and came across a couple sites linked to my cafe press site. That's a cool feeling! Even if it was only a couple ;) And one site had an awful horrible copycat of my i race in heels shirt. And i think im going to go ahead and register my design with the copyright office, even tho technically it's ALREADY copyrighted the second i created it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ever since I moved into our house, the dang smoke detectors would not. quit. beeping. We just thought heeeey the batteries must be dead. Let's replace them! And i would hold the chair still while Justin changed the batteries. Not too much longer we'd hear the beeping again. We thought ooooh it must be the cheap batteries. Like really cheap batteries. Rayovac or something. Justin's dad made a big deal out of it when he saw them haha. But he also pointed out - that the reason they were still beeping was that the detectors had to be reset when you replaced the battery. Holy crap. My house is quiet again. I never learned how to maintain a dang smoke detector! I thought it was like everything else : battery goes dead. Open battery compartment, replace battery, close compartment. The object works again. But that's apparently not the case on smoke detectors. I'm sure there's probably a manual with the homeowners packet, but we never even thought to look. Instead, we endured a year of the dang thing going off every 20 minutes or however frequently it was. Sheesh.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I spent more than $13 on jeans.

Let me first say - I dont get to wear jeans to work. Except some Fridays. I used to, but then we made this deal to get a golf cart, and none of my department can wear jeans. Which is actually perfectly fine with me - I love to look nice at work. Except, when i get here, i kickoff my fantastic heels and trade them for socks and steel toe boots that dont match my outfit. My boots brown. I mostly wear black slacks. On those days, i try and put my heels back on the minute i come back indoors - (I'm outside at least 3 times a day). So you see - I dont really wear jeans that often. On the weekends mainly. When i was in high-school, I used to wear the Levi's 518 Superlow Bootcut jean or a pair of Bongos or something. But mostly the Levis. I found what i liked and stuck to it. Im bad about that. My problem with jeans - is that im just not into the whole worn out torn up faded got holes in it styles. And thats mostly what i find. Call me boring. But if i wanted a $70 pair of jeans with holes in them, I'd buy the cheapest pair i could find and make the holes myself. I love Kohls. And Kohls has the SO brand jeans. I hate Kohls website, so i dont really know what to link you to, but it's a basic jean classifed as a "stretch flare." except it reminds me more of a bootcut, not flare, and their boot cut reminds me of straight. ya. But anyway - they are frequently on sale for $13 and i probably have 5 pair, 2 of the same color, and i pretty much rotate those same 2 out all the time cause they're so broken in and comfy. Well dangit - im going to Vegas. And I want a new pair of jeans. Did I mention im going to Vegas? I was getting my hair cut (see below post) last weekend and was waiting on my husband's mother to finish her hair appt and i just went walking the mall. I happened upon the Juniors department at Dillards. $69 jeans everywhere. oh look - Levi's on sale for $30. I dont dare try on the 518s. They're not very flattering to me anymore. I'm curvy. Good curvy. But curvy. Then i saw these. The Levi's 528 Curvy Boot Cut Jean. i was like - for reals?! And off i went to the dressing room. I only saw the dark ones. and some weird dark ones. and i want to go try to find this other lighter wash i see online... I got the dark ones. I love them. They fit fantastically. I'm trying to adjust to the darker wash and finding shirts already in my wardrobe to wear with them. But i look in the mirror and LOVE the shape i see. Must go buy another pair.

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