Sunday, June 28, 2009

Astros vs. Tigers

Well that was an exciting game. ugh. Astros gave it up in the last inning. The whole crowd was standing waiting for Valverde to strike this guy out for the 3rd out...and he walks him. then the next batter hits a homer. and there goes the game. It was sad really. Shoulda just left Byrdak in. Eh. At least the seats were good. I'll have to thank my supplier tomorrow at work and send him a few pics. Really love these seats. haha. Now if only i had a longer camera lens. LOL

It was like buddy night er something...

Got to see Everett tho

I'm so sore, but i think it was worth it?

Well i think we totally missed the planting/gardening season...but i figure better late than never? maybe? unless you live in texas. and it's 104 degrees outside in June. and you're actually probably better off just leaving your flower beds perfectly alone and dry. but anyway. we worked on ours all day yesterday. like all day. it probably would've only taken about 2 hours. but we were only outside for about 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes outside, 20 inside. or something. and we each drank a whole bottle of water at each inside break. i think we went through an entire case of dassani. But that's better than a heat stroke... and I can't believe we dont have any sunscreen in the house! I looked and looked and there's none here. My face moisturizer has spf 15 in it, so i dabbed some on...it helped a little. Justin's dad was playing golf at 11 AM yesterday. He was wearing spf 100. I didnt even know they made spf 100. But we went to eat with his parents last night, and there wasnt a smidgen of a clue on his skin that he was out in 104 degree weather for 4 hours. awesome. Justin's neck on the other hand...looks like a tomato. Not quite as bad as when we floated down the river 5 years ago and it looked like someone painted his legs with red paint. that was awful. but his neck is still pretty red....I'm not burned, but that's probably because i tanned for about a month before the wedding, and im still ok over here... My body on the other hand, feel like i slept on a bed of nails. I'm so sore. and my left hand is extremely cramped. i dont even know why my hand hurts. but i cant make a very tight fist. It's mostly my thumb. meh, enough rambling. here's some pics of the flower bed. I didnt expect it to take allllll day. maybe i can mess with the inside of the house today. hmph.

Here's some before (only it's not reallllly completely before...we had already planted a couple of the shrubs since there was a big dead spot)

And here's some afters.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I took today off, but I'm working just as hard at home...

It's Friiiiiiiday!! I've been looking forward to today all week. Who hasnt? I'm not going to get into what happened at work this week tho. But Im glad it's Friday. I decided on Wednesday that I would take today off work. Luckily i have the coolest boss in the world and he didnt have a problem with it. And i still have plenty of vacay left after the honeymoon and ill probably use what's left for Vegas in a few months!!! yeeeessss!

Anyway - first on the todo list for today - get my nails did. I know some people hate fake nails and the way they look, but trust me when i say, the fake nails look much better than my real ones. I have my biological father's hands. and i hate them. my hands look much more feminine with the acrylic. haha only i think ive gotten to the point where it's just an acrylic overlay? like, my real nails are as long as the fake ones...and im not positive what an acrylic overlay is, but i think it's when that happens. and it's not thick ugly acrylic either. so ya.

After that - gonna go see transformers 2 with the hubby! We went to see it last night and it was sold out. on a thursday night. wth? So this morning it is! Probably make a stop at starbucks too since ive got some gift cards. yummeh

Then - gonna pay off my car. heck. yes. And then play in the flower beds at home that need it really badly. and maybe hang up some curtains in the bathroom and wash some clothes and maybe the cars. sounds like fun.

Stay tuned for pics mebbeh ? :-p

Friday, June 19, 2009

We are NOT Fourteen anymore.

It's almost 11 oclock, and i just finished chatting with my youngest sister on facebook. She's 14. The kid stays up til the wee hours of morning every night and sleeps til noon. Those were the days man. Well, we thought so then didnt we? Except now we're old enough to realize that that's a total waste. It's much more satisfying to see the sun rise, to enjoy a beautiful day, and not be the vampire she apparently thinks she is with this Twilight obsession er something. i'd like to blame it on that anyway....but i know it's not. and im way too tired to get into what i really think about that. It's 11 oclock. My face is about to fall lifelessly onto my computer desk. It's 11 oclock!!! WTH is wrong with me. Oh that's right. My bed time is 9 and im an adult now...with responsibilities. 9 is the norm.. In most cases i would be perfectly fine right now. But in most cases, i would be at the movie theater drooling over Ryan Reynolds, or driving down beltway 8 with the hubs and the radio as loud as it will go singing "don't worry be happy", or doing 105mph down the 1/4 mile drag strip, or editing the photoshoot from the day before, or proving to the hubs that I can, most definitely, kick his butt on guitar hero. But i'm not doing any of those things at the moment. We played guitar hero earlier. Right now, he has taken over the living room tv. And the bedroom tv. By playing xbox with friends and having the 2 rooms connected. My vision is blurred, and I haven't had a single alcoholic drink this evening. I'm going to pretend it's the good ol' days, and go fall asleep in his lap on the couch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Love Food, but it scares me.

I don't cook much. I'm not that interested in cooking...but I'm more interested than i used to be. Justin goes through phases of liking it. We got a couple new cookbooks but havent begun to do anything more then flip through them and drool. I keep asking him to it down with me and pick out a few things and go grocery shopping with me. Heck, it was his idea in the first place actually, but we still haven't yet. Sometimes i wish i didnt need a cookbook - but then i remember, i have hobbies that interest me much more than cooking, and i dont feel like taking the time to learn how to cook without a cookbook. You can call me lazy - I will call myself entertained with my other hobbies. When i moved in with Justin - he had really crappy pots and pans. I dont like crappy pots and pans - even if i dont use them. So we went off and bought some non-stick cookware and it does it's job just fine. Nice set really. Came with some utensils too so i wouldnt use the metal ones i had and scratch the new pots. What i really wanted was an extra large skillet of sorts. A deep one. I'm sure there's a name specifically for this, but i'm just going to call it a deep skillet. I'd call it a wok, since i mostly cook stir-fry in it, but to me, a wok has that weird circular v shape, and this is really just a deep skillet. So we picked one of those up when Linen's and Things went down the toilet and it's been my favorite item in the kitchen since. Before that it was this cover everything lid that i got for like $8 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Anyway - in the middle of one of Justin's cooking phases, he wanted some stainless steel pots and pans, so I registered for an Emeril set. And we got it. I opened the box, and put them up, and I have not used them. They scare the chit out of me. I've been told that they will hold up pretty well and that i should just dive in and use them, but I havent been that brave yet. They're so shiny. And i think we should pick out something from our cookbooks to pop the cherry on the stainless steel anyway.

So we eat out alot. Not as much as we used to. But we eat out alot. Mainly at Gringos because it's really really good mexican food, and you get a whole lot for the price. Another favorite of ours is Red Robin. Actually im just obsessed with french fries and ketchup, and they're bottomless there. And our favorite place to go on Thursday nights is this little place called No Small Affair. Thursday night is chicken fried steak night and it's yummay. Getting the hubs to eat anywhere else tho, is kinda difficult. I'm desperately trying to get him to take me to Earl of Sandwich. My friend Alisha turned me onto this place while we were on our honeymoon at Disney. For Disney, this place wasn't real expensive, and it was totally tasty. If you go to Disney World - go to Downtown Disney and eat there. We were in Sugarland meeting a guy to buy a camera lens, and I missed the turn in to the meeting spot. So I go to pull a u-turn, and holy cow, there's an Earl of Sandwich. I'd never heard of this place until Alisha mentioned it to me while we were at Disney World, so I just thought it was something that was only in Florida. I didn't even think to go to their website and search for other locations. I had the Earl's Cobb salad. I didnt think I liked cranberries, but the salad was dee-licious. Another favorite on my list is Chipotle. I don't get to go NEAR often enough. Please eat some burritos for me. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Please, please go eat some burritos.

PS - I pulled my own version of "my hubs left the garage door open all night." I left the burner on the stove on. All night. At least it was on really low?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Paranoia, Paranoia, Everybody's coming to get me

The hubs - left the garage door open. All night. And it's not like it's the first time. I know as soon as the phone rings as he's pulling out of the driveway, that he's calling to tell me it's open, and that i should get up and shut it, because he's pulling out of the driveway. So I do. Thinking, well I hope no one DID come in in the middle of the night and I hope they aren't hiding in a closet waiting for me to leave so they can jack all my chit. But I'd rather them wait for me to leave than jump out and scare the bejeezes out of me and like have a gun or something. And I know that's not really something to joke about - but the thought of it really does scare the bejeezes out of me. Especially after the awful nightmare I had last night. It's always the same kind of scenario, where someone breaks in, and always am able to grab my gun, but in the dream, it feels like the gun weighs a ton, and I can barely hold it up, and it jams. And i've had that same dream 3 times already, but im in a different house with a different burglar. Maybe i wouldn't be so paranoid if our world wasn't going to crap. The economy starts to blow and the crime rates go up because people are effing lazy and don't know how to work for their own crap. And last summer, there were some break-ins on my street. And i have a good street. I think some of my neighbors are home and outside alot tho, so i hope that deters some of the creeps.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning the Ropes

Yes, I'm blogging again today. Which will not be common. I swear. Since the blog is new, it looked naked, and so i think it needs some substance. And i think i finished fiddling with the layout. Added another pic to the sidebar, added some cool links, and figured out wtf RSS feeds were. So i'm going to post a couple pics so I know I know how, but i promise i'll make them relevant, k?

These are my newest pair of cheap shoes. They're black. and silver. Well, they're a dark metallic gray, but i pretty much classify anything that's gray and metallic, (whether it's light or dark), I just call it silver. I got them at Ross. For 14.99. I didn't really need another black pair of heels, because i think i have too many pairs of black heels. But can you really actually have too many pairs of black heels? no.

My desk at work is a mess. But i was trying out this new camera lens before i bought it, and I had it at my desk. I made this mustang model look like my car back in the day. It doesnt look like this anymore. It's got a different hood and new wheels and alot more power.


Now i'm going to go see if i can run through my dvr and fast forward through So You Think You Can Dance and find out who gets booted off.

PS - im glad i tried to post pics now, because i totally got an error the first time i hit publish.

Yes, No, Maybe So

I used to do a good job at telling myself no. But i find myself fighting to do that lately. Like last week, I was at Ulta... I have a tube of Max Factor Lash Perfection in my purse and in my makeup tray at home. It's my favorite. I like to buy a tube whenever i go to Ulta, because they only sell this stuff at Walmart and Ulta and not the drugstores and i despise Walmart. But the last few times i've been to Ulta, they've been sold out of my favorite mascara. Well I'm a mascara whore. I dont need any more. But I totally hadn't tried Covergirl's Lash Blast yet, and insisted that i needed to. Only, I'd just seen the commericial for this last blast, and im a complete sucker for anything at all that's black and silver, the word no completely jumped ship out of my vocabulary, and i picked up a tube of black and platinum. It was either that or Maybelline's Lash Stiletto. I used this to top off my lash perfection at my wedding, and really liked it...but there...there i said no. Except, after Ulta, i went to Target, and it was cheaper there than at Ulta, and I just had to get it 'cause it was a deal right? That doesn't sound too bad... until you look at my makeup tray, and you also see tubes of mascara from Estee Lauder and Clinique and other Maybelline (the colossal, which by the end of the day, im picking off my eyelashes, but it looks good in the morning?), and that's only three I can think of off the top of my head, even tho i know there's at least 9 tubes there. Mascara shouldn't even be on my mind today, because I'm wearing my glasses. And it's extremely hard to put my mascara on without my contacts in because I'm THAT blind.

Hold up - I still had amazon open from finding that link for the Lash Stiletto... and this little gem was on the side bar...

The Ice Cream Ball

First of all, holy price range: Price:$19.50 - $227.40. In reading the "How It Works" paragraph, you'll find this statement - "The consistency will vary based on the ice, your mix, the outside temperature, shaking frequency, etc." So basically, if you live in Texas, I hope you like milk, or you're making this indoors with the AC cranked up high. Cause making it outside at "camping trips, at picnics, barbecues," is totally out of the question in these 90+ degree temps. Heck, it was hard enough to keep it frozen making it WITH electricity when i was a kid. If you know anything about making ice cream in Texas, just enlighten me please.

PS - I'm impatient, and when I want something, I would rather go pay $50 more in-store to get it right then and there than to buy it online and save $$$. But my lord, do not forward me email #1 two hours after you sent it, because I did not respond yet. Seriously? I have thirty something other people downstairs that im buying stuff for, and your first email has just not made it to the top of my to do list yet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What'd you say?

I said mustangs and high heels. Mustangs like the car. that Ford makes. with the pony emblem. Ya that one. I have 3. And when i say high heels - i mean ballet flats drive me crazy. Even my flip flops have to have some sort of wedged heel or something. I don't need the heel for the height, but i'm comfortable in them.

Maybe it should have been mustangs and high heels....and cameras and photoshop too. That's more like it really.

Stick around for random photos, my newlywed life, and the cute cheap shoes I love.

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