Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning the Ropes

Yes, I'm blogging again today. Which will not be common. I swear. Since the blog is new, it looked naked, and so i think it needs some substance. And i think i finished fiddling with the layout. Added another pic to the sidebar, added some cool links, and figured out wtf RSS feeds were. So i'm going to post a couple pics so I know I know how, but i promise i'll make them relevant, k?

These are my newest pair of cheap shoes. They're black. and silver. Well, they're a dark metallic gray, but i pretty much classify anything that's gray and metallic, (whether it's light or dark), I just call it silver. I got them at Ross. For 14.99. I didn't really need another black pair of heels, because i think i have too many pairs of black heels. But can you really actually have too many pairs of black heels? no.

My desk at work is a mess. But i was trying out this new camera lens before i bought it, and I had it at my desk. I made this mustang model look like my car back in the day. It doesnt look like this anymore. It's got a different hood and new wheels and alot more power.


Now i'm going to go see if i can run through my dvr and fast forward through So You Think You Can Dance and find out who gets booted off.

PS - im glad i tried to post pics now, because i totally got an error the first time i hit publish.


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