Friday, January 29, 2010

You can have it any color...so long as it's black!!

Id been without my black beast for a week and half. But I got 'er back!! Back with a brand. new. paint job. Been a long time comin. I figure, it was cheaper than a new car. And it's still running like a champ. Even if it wasnt, im not sure i could get rid of it. So - off went the car to Welsh Collision Center. I'm sure my car will be on the before and after page soon. Brad says my car sold him to two more customers while it was parked out front. bwaha. So go see Brad if something unfortunate happens with your vehicle...you can tell him me and Justin sent you :-p

Who thinks the weather right now in Houston sucks?! i do. I can deal with cold. this wind is horrid. I wanna go DRIVE! and take new photos. cause right now im confined to the driveway in between rain clouds. and that just gets old.

My favorite part of the whole car is the spoiler. It was A.W.F.U.L.


Much better now.

Another pic before it was completed.


I shall have sweet dreams now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Annnnnd Moving On.

I dont even want to talk about Alicia at the moment. There's so much unknown crap, im just tired of hearing about it...cause i know my family, and it's just not going to change. Plus i've got my mom to worry about and take care of now...So as usual...i'll just move on.

Thanks to Liz over at Blame it on the Toes for sending me the Kreativ Blogger Award! Well it might be the Beautiful Blogger award! I wasnt quite sure! But the rules are the same!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Paste the award on your blog.
3. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
4. Share seven interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate up to 7 more beautiful bloggers.
6. Link the seven bloggers you nominate.

Let's see if i can think of 7 interesting things about me that you may or may not already know.

1 - I've played the trumpet for 13 years. It's been a little less frequently since i graduated HS in 2003, but i still play and i play well. I started reading music in 4th grade. Started trumpet in 5th. Moved to a new school halfway through that year, that didnt have band yet. So I moved again to start 6th grade, i was ahead of the game :)

2 - Holy crap I've moved alot. I mean really. No one should have to move as much as I have. It hasnt even been anywhere interesting like another state. or even another country. Just lots of places all over the Austin and Houston, TX area! I lost count a long long time ago. My mom would move one place, I'd move another with my grandma. Mom would get married, id move back there. and this continued til i was 18.

3 - When i was little i wanted to be an interior designer. I'm pretty sure that wouldnt have worked out real well considering my walls are bare.

4 - I've been driving since i was 12. but i didnt get my license til I was 18.

5 - In case i didnt post this in my intro post way back when - we have 3 mustangs. a silver 2000 GT that's supercharged, a black 2000 GT with every bolt on imaginable, and a '66 coupe that's being restored!

6 - I've never met my biological father. And i really dont quite care to either.

7 - We used to travel to Colorado every year. We'd drive through Arizona & New Mexico on the way...When i was little, like 6, i almost fell into the Grand Canyon. I was doing flips on the railing. Way to go me. Mammaw caught me thankfully.

And well...im supposed to nominate some others...but the ones i read have probably already received this thing at one point...so lets see who i can find!

Mrs.LoversKnot - cause she likes fashion and photos!
Cherise - for her new blog to support her new lifestyle!
FutureMrsLewis - for being so freaking creative with her DIY wedding crafts. Now if she'd just update her blog to show off her new table numbers!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alicia was Found!!

Alicia and her friend were spotted walking down the Hardy toll road this evening!! Police stopped and they lied about who they were. BUT - police took them in, and they are being interrogated for the lies they've told so far. Charges WILL be pressed for lying to law enforcement. But the girls are SAFE. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!! We're still trying to get to the bottom of it obviously, and there may have been some foul play involved since Thursday - but they're in custody!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing Teen in Houston/Cypress, TX

If you follow me on facebook or twitter or are a knottie/nestie - then you know this...but maybe someone out there doesnt - this is my cousin:

Alicia Moore is missing. Last seen at her highschool, Cy-Creek, in the houston/cypress area, yesterday 1/21/10 at approximately 10:30AM after a firedrill, where she supposedly wondered off campus with her friend Kim. they've been filed as runaways, and the police are aware of the situation, but an amber alert cannot be issued because she was not abducted to our knowledge.

Last seen wearing:
black leggings, black tshirt, white zip up hoodie w/ red rose on front, tan/brown wooden beaded anklet.

It is possible that they have attempted to hitch-hike - possibly to Louisiana or North Carolina. They have no money. No phone. Nothing.

Please pass her picture to anyone you know in the area. or anyone outside of the area. There's really no knowing where they are.

EDIT: 1/22/10 - 4:03 PM

Students told teacher that if there was a driver, it could be a guy by the name of Diego, who drives a mustang. Aunt Laura says that she knows of 1 mustang, '96, white w/ blue stripes. We do not know if this does belong to Diego, or if they're even with Diego. Detectives are searching records at the school.

EDIT: 1/22/10 - 4:28PM

Missing Persons Poster! Save and print!


EDIT: 1/25/10 11:33AM

Alicia HAD been spotted in NW Houston as recently as Friday night! But now the word is that she's with this hispanic guy, Diego - in a Grey Mustang - NOW trying to make it to North Carolina. Kids and teachers and authorities are trying to find out more.

EDIT: 1/25/10 1:33PM

Kids were spotted at school this morning! It is not for certain whether Alicia was with Kim and Diego or not. Kim was spotted near a portable building on campus. Diego's real name is David Sams and he lives on Timberloch in the Tallowood subdivision. We are still waiting on more information on the vehicle (model/plate number). One person that knows where he lives thinks it might actually be a Toyota or a Nissan. I'm not sure how that mixes up with mustang. but we're waiting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear treadmill, ...

Dear treadmill,
      Thank you for coming into my life. I no longer feel like a complete lazy-ass while watching television and catching up on my dvr. I can turn you on and just walk. or jog. or sprint. and by the time my shows are done, ive completed 2+ miles. and that's just 2 days in.

Ya - we got my mother in law's treadmill out of her storage unit. It's pretty awesome. I can't keep an actual workout schedule up to save my life - but then i realized how much time i spent just sitting on the couch, un-motivated. I remember MIL had a treadmill - so i sent Justin to get it. Much better than just sitting on the couch. I'd like to do just the treadmill for a week or two just so i know i have some endurance and then ill attempt some toning exercises, as that's mainly what i need. I put back on the 10/12 lbs i lost prior to my wedding - and i need to be back in my wedding dress by the weekend of March 3rd. I think that's when im going to do my trash the dress session. I see my photographer, Leslie Spurlock, for a worskshop this weekend (that im suuuuuuuper stoked about!!), so ill schedule in then. Originally my TTD session was going to be this weekend too, and i was going to be a model for the workshop, but i decided to shoot instead. Should be fun!

In other news - i took my last birth control pill last Thursday. No, I'm not trying to get pregnant. Will fill you in later.  Wish me luck - luck that i dont get pregnant. At least not til after April. If that's what God has planned for me. Just wish me luck that going off of this crap accomplishes what I'm trying to and proves that the pill royally effed up my hormones...

Friday, January 8, 2010

You're on my heart just like a Tattoo...

I have a tattoo on my wrist. I get questions about it... a lot. It's pink and black. I could probably give you just one try to guess what it has to do with...


Justin hates it. Ya, i covered it up for the wedding... but he hates it all the time. Like wants me to get it removed hates it. maybe ill want something really big one day and bribe him. lmfao

but here's the story:

If you know me in real life - or if you're smart enough to know that banner up there is me - you'll know i drive a black mustang GT. Shortly after purchasing it, i discovered the Black Mustang Club. I've been a member since early 2005 and I'm member number 02612 of over 12,000! I've been there awhile... since joining, I've become a moderator, a member of the graphics team, a preferred member, and a member of the tattoo crew. And might I also mention, the club was founded by a wonderful woman named Lisa - who owns our club mascot Danni, as well as several other fabulous cars. Lisa then opened her own performance shop, BMC Performance. Can you see my tattoo anywhere? It's part of the BMC Performance logo, which has in turn become a staple icon of BMC as well. Minus last year, but picking back up this year, we have annual BMC National gatherings where members all over the US (and Canada too!) drive or trailer their black 'stang to the meet location and we all hangout for 4 or so days. I've met some awesome people through the years and the BMC truly can feel like family sometimes. At nationals, we have track days, and a car show, and a cruise, and whatever else we can, depending on the location that year. I've been to two - Dallas & Nashville. At these events, Lisa offers to pay for your BMC related tattoo and everyone heads to the tattoo parlor. 18 people, myself included, got one in 2007. Lisa and i have the same one, in the same place - except mine's pink. I chose the pink swoosh symbol rather than the BMC letters. I figure, even if i dont have a black mustang my entire life, well ill still be accepted there, and the checkered flag base of the swoosh design will always stand for racing - which will always be party of my life. So there ya have it.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They Call Me Mello Yello

Since dating Justin - I became an addict to Mountain Dew. Well, not that bad - but we drank it aLOT. You have your morning coffee? i had my dew. And then i would drink water the rest of the day after that. We no longer stock dew in the house - but do get it occasionally from the convenient store for a road trip or something.

We went to Florida for Christmas last year - where they have Mello Yello. Remember that stuff? who really knows what the difference is between that and mt. dew - but i was thrilled to see it! We even brought home a few 12 pks - and i still have one lonely can sitting in the pantry that i refuse to open. You cant buy it here in Texas. Only in a few places here in the south, and Texas aint one of em. But guess what... i freaking found some! Which Wich at Pearland Town Center has it on fountain! Guess where im having dinner every time in town? mmhm. Rumor has it that the Cracker Barrel down in the league city side of town had it at one point too. I didnt see it on the menu at our new one over here tho.

Must go back to Florida soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Congrats to Chris & Rachel!

My cousin Chris married his longtime sweetheart, Rachel, this past Saturday evening. I posted her bridal shower here and on the knot also cause it was awesome. I like to post wedding related things here when i can, because i still post over there from time time, so this might help someone in the planning stages. Pretty soon, ill be posting as i help my best friend print and put together her invitations for her wedding in April! Yay!! But back to Chris & Rachel for today :) Their first choice for photographer was Akil Bennett, but he ended up being booked on their wedding day. I wish i knew who he referred them too so I could link to her as well - I'll ask Rachel when they get back from their Vegas honeymoon! But Akil did shoot Rachel's bridal portraits and the large display she had was gorgeous! The wedding took place at Northwest Forest Conference Center in Cypress, TX. Id never been there before, but it's a neat place. They were married at the gazebo, La Terrazo, and judging from the website, the reception was held in The Courtyard. Here's a few photos from my seat on the far edge of the groom's side.


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