Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial day... for some people, it's probably just a 3-day weekend. a paid day off of work. another reason to BBQ and have a few drinks. or a reason to spend the day at the beach. But for alot of us, it's a day to remember the fallen. our family. our friends. strangers. Those that give their lives, so that we may live ours the way we love to, in the United States of America. I used to be somewhere in between...i enjoyed the day off, and I knew what the day meant. Not until December of 2007 did the holiday take on a whole new meaning. Sure, I knew my great granddad and my grandfather had both served their duties, but they made it out unharmed. But in December 2007, my cousin was killed in action, serving in Iraq. He was such a wonderful man and I looked forward to family get togethers when I knew he'd be there. He was an Eagle scout and a graduate of Texas A&M, and he believed so much in what he was doing in the Army. I was there to watch his plane come home. I'd never seen the patriot guard before. I was amazed at the outburst of patriotism and and honor they shared with us. I was asked to bring my camera with me to the funeral, and I'm so glad I did. I'll share one shot with you.


I still visit his facebook from time to time. and his guestbook. I'm so honored to call him family.


Jodi over at MCP Actions asked her fans to send in some patriotic images for Memorial Day. I sent in the one above and it's posted on her blog. The other entries are worth a look. God Bless our troops! Thank a soldier, and remember those who've given their lives for our freedom.


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