Friday, May 14, 2010

Well Hello There!

A month? Really? I havent posted for a month?! I dont even know where to start now. Life's been fun tho. Driving the cobra top down. Photoshoots. Softball. It's been alot of fun. I was just updating the photography blog and I've got lots of stuff scheduled to post over the next few days. Over the next month or two I've got a couple bridal sessions and engagement shoots and a wedding scheduled. This softball season is coming to an end but the next one is starting in June. And this weekend is the Pasadena Strawberry Festival! We're playing mud volleyball for the first time ever! It's going to be a good time. Also this weekend - our 1st wedding anniversary! We've got volleyball and softball games so im not sure what else we'll be able to squeeze in there, but I'll let you know later. I'll see if i can't update this thing a little more regularly ;)



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