Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They Call Me Mello Yello

Since dating Justin - I became an addict to Mountain Dew. Well, not that bad - but we drank it aLOT. You have your morning coffee? i had my dew. And then i would drink water the rest of the day after that. We no longer stock dew in the house - but do get it occasionally from the convenient store for a road trip or something.

We went to Florida for Christmas last year - where they have Mello Yello. Remember that stuff? who really knows what the difference is between that and mt. dew - but i was thrilled to see it! We even brought home a few 12 pks - and i still have one lonely can sitting in the pantry that i refuse to open. You cant buy it here in Texas. Only in a few places here in the south, and Texas aint one of em. But guess what... i freaking found some! Which Wich at Pearland Town Center has it on fountain! Guess where im having dinner every time in town? mmhm. Rumor has it that the Cracker Barrel down in the league city side of town had it at one point too. I didnt see it on the menu at our new one over here tho.

Must go back to Florida soon.


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