Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing Teen in Houston/Cypress, TX

If you follow me on facebook or twitter or are a knottie/nestie - then you know this...but maybe someone out there doesnt - this is my cousin:

Alicia Moore is missing. Last seen at her highschool, Cy-Creek, in the houston/cypress area, yesterday 1/21/10 at approximately 10:30AM after a firedrill, where she supposedly wondered off campus with her friend Kim. they've been filed as runaways, and the police are aware of the situation, but an amber alert cannot be issued because she was not abducted to our knowledge.

Last seen wearing:
black leggings, black tshirt, white zip up hoodie w/ red rose on front, tan/brown wooden beaded anklet.

It is possible that they have attempted to hitch-hike - possibly to Louisiana or North Carolina. They have no money. No phone. Nothing.

Please pass her picture to anyone you know in the area. or anyone outside of the area. There's really no knowing where they are.

EDIT: 1/22/10 - 4:03 PM

Students told teacher that if there was a driver, it could be a guy by the name of Diego, who drives a mustang. Aunt Laura says that she knows of 1 mustang, '96, white w/ blue stripes. We do not know if this does belong to Diego, or if they're even with Diego. Detectives are searching records at the school.

EDIT: 1/22/10 - 4:28PM

Missing Persons Poster! Save and print!


EDIT: 1/25/10 11:33AM

Alicia HAD been spotted in NW Houston as recently as Friday night! But now the word is that she's with this hispanic guy, Diego - in a Grey Mustang - NOW trying to make it to North Carolina. Kids and teachers and authorities are trying to find out more.

EDIT: 1/25/10 1:33PM

Kids were spotted at school this morning! It is not for certain whether Alicia was with Kim and Diego or not. Kim was spotted near a portable building on campus. Diego's real name is David Sams and he lives on Timberloch in the Tallowood subdivision. We are still waiting on more information on the vehicle (model/plate number). One person that knows where he lives thinks it might actually be a Toyota or a Nissan. I'm not sure how that mixes up with mustang. but we're waiting.


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