Monday, September 14, 2009

New Domain Name!

I just bought www.iraceinheels.com.

But dont bother clicking there - yet. There's nothing there - yet. I seriously just bought it like 10 minutes ago. And I have no idea why. Well almost.

You see - I designed these shirts, the best selling one being "I Race In Heels."

I was also partly involved in getting this other forum for female racers going. And I have this blog. And while im not quite as active in the car world in recent months, it's still very much a passion of mine. In fact, just this weekend, my mom had her black 2002 V6 mustang over at our house to work on, and Justin was NOT in the garage by himself ;) We changed her fuel filter and O2 sensors and then found what caused her O2 sensor to go out - her exhaust manifold gasket and the idiot shop she let work on it last time. And I cut my knuckle on her car. You're welcome mom! LOL Oh and Justin almost smashed my wedding rings on the jack. I was under the car and didnt want to get them covered in fuel so i took them off and put them on the jack. I went back inside and came back out to Justin with the jack under the car. I was like WAIT! NO! I saved my rings. They're fine.

Back to the new site. I dont quite know what im going to do with it yet. I might have it point to the cafepress site. I might have it point to this blog. I might start a forum. I might make a splash page that directs to all 3. I dunno. Any ideas for me?

I do plan on redesigning a few more shirts. I dont think id ever make it to the point of just selling the shirts myself instead of through cafe press. I mean i guess i could? But that'd take a lot of upfront costs? Maybe in a few years. :-p I'm perfectly content right now and mainly just wanted to snag the name before no one else.

I googled it for a bit and came across a couple sites linked to my cafe press site. That's a cool feeling! Even if it was only a couple ;) And one site had an awful horrible copycat of my i race in heels shirt. And i think im going to go ahead and register my design with the copyright office, even tho technically it's ALREADY copyrighted the second i created it.


Anonymous September 14, 2009 at 11:28 PM  

you are so talented!

Queen Bee September 28, 2009 at 11:54 PM  

Oooh! So excited to see what you do with that! Its about time the racing & heels makes a come back! <3

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