Friday, September 4, 2009

I spent more than $13 on jeans.

Let me first say - I dont get to wear jeans to work. Except some Fridays. I used to, but then we made this deal to get a golf cart, and none of my department can wear jeans. Which is actually perfectly fine with me - I love to look nice at work. Except, when i get here, i kickoff my fantastic heels and trade them for socks and steel toe boots that dont match my outfit. My boots brown. I mostly wear black slacks. On those days, i try and put my heels back on the minute i come back indoors - (I'm outside at least 3 times a day). So you see - I dont really wear jeans that often. On the weekends mainly. When i was in high-school, I used to wear the Levi's 518 Superlow Bootcut jean or a pair of Bongos or something. But mostly the Levis. I found what i liked and stuck to it. Im bad about that. My problem with jeans - is that im just not into the whole worn out torn up faded got holes in it styles. And thats mostly what i find. Call me boring. But if i wanted a $70 pair of jeans with holes in them, I'd buy the cheapest pair i could find and make the holes myself. I love Kohls. And Kohls has the SO brand jeans. I hate Kohls website, so i dont really know what to link you to, but it's a basic jean classifed as a "stretch flare." except it reminds me more of a bootcut, not flare, and their boot cut reminds me of straight. ya. But anyway - they are frequently on sale for $13 and i probably have 5 pair, 2 of the same color, and i pretty much rotate those same 2 out all the time cause they're so broken in and comfy. Well dangit - im going to Vegas. And I want a new pair of jeans. Did I mention im going to Vegas? I was getting my hair cut (see below post) last weekend and was waiting on my husband's mother to finish her hair appt and i just went walking the mall. I happened upon the Juniors department at Dillards. $69 jeans everywhere. oh look - Levi's on sale for $30. I dont dare try on the 518s. They're not very flattering to me anymore. I'm curvy. Good curvy. But curvy. Then i saw these. The Levi's 528 Curvy Boot Cut Jean. i was like - for reals?! And off i went to the dressing room. I only saw the dark ones. and some weird dark ones. and i want to go try to find this other lighter wash i see online... I got the dark ones. I love them. They fit fantastically. I'm trying to adjust to the darker wash and finding shirts already in my wardrobe to wear with them. But i look in the mirror and LOVE the shape i see. Must go buy another pair.


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