Sunday, September 20, 2009

I do love my Michael Kors

Ok so after my birthday i kinda sorta blogged a link to the shoes i wanted and got for my birthday. I just dont think that link did the shoes justice, i really dont. I may have also noted i didnt know what to wear with them...and ive since bought a few new pieces of clothing for my closet. haha! i bought some not quite skinny pant, but more like straight legged, look like dark denim, but totally arent cause it's much thinner fabric pants and a mustard yellow fitted short sleeved sweater, and some linen khakis, and ivory fitted short sleeved sweater, and they look great with both outfits. sorry i dont have pics of those. im not a real big fashionista, i just love shoes! And here's my current favorite pair:



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