Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ever since I moved into our house, the dang smoke detectors would not. quit. beeping. We just thought heeeey the batteries must be dead. Let's replace them! And i would hold the chair still while Justin changed the batteries. Not too much longer we'd hear the beeping again. We thought ooooh it must be the cheap batteries. Like really cheap batteries. Rayovac or something. Justin's dad made a big deal out of it when he saw them haha. But he also pointed out - that the reason they were still beeping was that the detectors had to be reset when you replaced the battery. Holy crap. My house is quiet again. I never learned how to maintain a dang smoke detector! I thought it was like everything else : battery goes dead. Open battery compartment, replace battery, close compartment. The object works again. But that's apparently not the case on smoke detectors. I'm sure there's probably a manual with the homeowners packet, but we never even thought to look. Instead, we endured a year of the dang thing going off every 20 minutes or however frequently it was. Sheesh.


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