Monday, July 20, 2009

I think I love weddings...I do.

I know I know...you're going WHAT?! But really...as much of a pain in the butt as planning is, i love seeing it all come together. and i love going to weddings and seeing what everyone else has come up with. and im super duper excited ive got 2 friends planning right now. This past weekend, I feel like I drove across the whole country, but it was really only a few hours through Texas, to attend a wedding in Belton/Temple. Texas is huge y'all. I think it was about a 4 hr trip...and i can make it to oklahoma in 8 hrs. Texas is huge. I drove from our house up through Tomball/Magnolia/Navasota, into Bryan/College Station, then through some back roads to Wheelock, and then to visit my great grandma in Franklin. I say visit, but i really needed her to sign the title to my car so I could put it in my name, and i only got to stay for like 20 minutes cause i was in a hurry to get to this wedding. So from there, i went through Bremond and dang near Waco and hit I35 and went onto Belton. Im driving super duper fast cause im thinking the wedding starts at 1. Til i look at the invitation at 12:30 and the dang thing starts at three! LOL Anyway, we make it early, and im glad we did. You see, the bride is a childhood friend I hadnt seen in quite awhile. Her dad used to be my preacher. She had the same earrings and napkins and colors as me. lol! It was nice to be able to talk to her while she was getting ready, and I promised her id take some photos for her too. They were on a strict schedule for photos and stuff, and so i think i was able to get some things her photog couldn't because she was shooting other things like the bridal party. Her photog was Crosswhite Photography, and she does some really nice stuff! There was no flash allowed during the ceremony, and the photographer had to shoot from the balcony. :( We were like 8 rows or so back, on the end, so i tried to get a few pics. There was a beautiful song sang during the ceremony. And the groom's grandfather is a minister, and the bride's dad is, and they split the duties of performing the ceremony! How cool is that!
I wish we could've stayed longer, but we left after the first dance of the reception. We'd been there so long already, and had such a long drive home. The way home...it was through Milano, into Hearne, and back through College Station and Navasota. Whew. At least Justin actually drove some this trip! :-p I want to go back up there. There were SO many cool things on the sides of the roads through the small towns. And every pasture of cows we saw, all the cows were huddled under the shade of the big trees. Cows are smart! And then there was this open green field with a deer in the middle of it. and there were lots of antique shops and old run down buildings. Oh, and lots of cops. Got the car in front of me in Milano. Whew. Anywho, it was an exhausting day. But my friend was beautiful, and the ceremony was beautiful, and I cant wait to see her again. Here's a few photos from Chad & Alisha's wedding!

Oh might i mention - the monitor im on right now sucks. So if the whites look really blown out to you too, your monitor sucks too. lol - cause at home they look perfect! And i dont think im going to resize using the html code anymore. The photos look kinda distorted booo :-/

The groomsmens bouts -

Getting Ready -

Alisha & Her dad

Such sweet stares :)

First Kiss as husband and wife

Mr. & Mrs.

Entering the Reception

First dance

Aaaaah I love weddings :)


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