Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm boycotting the Kemah boardwalk.

Ok, first of all, i havent been to the Kemah boardwalk since before Hurricane Ike hit us. i used to go every weekend. Be it the car show at Chic-Fil-A/Target (that recently got shut down and moved to Hooters... and i havent been to it since it moved, and now have no desire to go, wtf? but I bet Chic-Fil-A is really pissed off as well as the other businesses around there, cause it brought in a toooon of business and had been going on for years, wtf again), or rock the dock during the summers, or whatever, i used to love the boardwalk. In fact, I kinda wanted to do our engagement photos there or something. It'd have been a lot of fun. Well, we'd been talking about going for awhile, and the last few times we'd mentioned it, we just never went. Well we went last night. I thought maybe..maaaayyyybeee...with the UFC fight on and Eli Young Band playing at the dog track, that perhaps, just maybe, Kemah wouldnt be as crowded as a typical Saturday night. Boy was i wrong. I guess everyone decided to go watch the UFC fight at the restaurants in Kemah. All the parking lots near 146 were all full and im like, great, why even try to find something closer...We were really trying to get to the top of the parking garage and take a night photo of the ferris wheel spinning...so i proceeded to drive toward the parking garage. And I'm driving by the parking lots on the boardwalk itself and i see pah-leeeeenty of parking. So im thinking, what gives?! And then i see these security dudes, and then i see signs saying parking was $6. six dollars. to park, and go eat. now WHY the hell would i want to pay to park, and then go pay to eat, and play games. No thanks! Do they not make enough money on the arcades and the train and the new rollercoaster and stuff that they had to start making people pay for parking? Or are they just greedy sons of bitches? I'm betting the latter. Well they're not getting my money...ever. again. I turned right around and went home. and that's a long ass drive. But a refreshing one. Cause we were in the black mustang. Which has a fresh new gauge pod in it. Blog on that later. But we really just love driving the mustangs. anywhere. with the windows down. even in the summer. with the radio up loud. So ya, when the hell did Kemah start charging to park? Screw you Kemah. Screw. You.

Edit 7/13/09 - Well, apparently it's only paid parking on like Friday & Saturday. But still ridiculous.


Anonymous July 12, 2009 at 8:02 PM  

I di dnot know they charge to park? We parked somewhere near Joe's Crabshack and we did not pay. We went about 2 weeks ago. I agree with them making tons of money. That place is packed until midnight on a daily basis!

April July 15, 2009 at 11:40 AM  

that is crazy! and money hungry.
Guess they get away with it though :/

The engagements there would have been a really cool idea!

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