Friday, July 3, 2009

Building a Patio = Let's Sit in the House & Do Nothing All Day

All week long we'd talked about starting the back patio today. We wake up, Justin's dad calls, and he's set to come over at 8:30 to begin laying it out. 8:00 rolls around and Justin decides that it's not getting done today. He never really said why? The heat maybe (which aint getting any better til Halloween...). Either way, today was full of laziness. Good for me - I got to catch up on the DVR (So You Think You Can Dance, Extreme Home Make-Over, and stuff). SYTYCD - killer episode Wednesday and I agree with who went home this week. Extreme Home Make-Over - Absolutely THE saddest show on television. I'm serious. How can you not just cry your eyes out every time it comes on? I think this season's the worst too. They just get sadder and sadder. One i watched, was this little 8 year old boy that this family had adopted who has a dwarfism and breaks his bones waaaaay easily. He was the most cheerful boy I've ever seen! And you watch that kind of stuff and you just sit back and take a good long look at your own life and go wow. Wow. and Wow again. Between watching that makeover episode and The Dizzy Feet Foundation announcent on SYTYCD, I'm like, totally inspired. Or I wish to be inspiring. Something. I mean, i do the whole donate to Goodwill thing, and done my fair share of volunteer work in the past, but what am i doing now? nothin. I need/want to change that.

My hand is feeling a tad better - but i think it's only because i sat on the couch and did nothing with it until i started typing this. I've had it all wrapped up and stuff and it really helps. I hope if feels 100% better by Monday, cause i dont want to see a dr. haha. who does? I'm like...ill go in for this..and he'll tell me something entirely different is wrong that i dont see coming. I think that runs in my family. lol

So it's Friday. I've had the whole day off. And accomplished nothing. It feels kind of nice on one hand, til the other hand comes along and im like....ugh what a waste of a perfectly good day to get chit done. But tomorrow - tomorrow...We will hang curtains in the bathroom. And i will order my prints for the walls. Yes. If you go to my knottie blogger links at the bottom of the page, you'll see one called Making Baby G. Her latest post is about the flower photos she's hanging up in her nursery. i've been meaning to have my flower photos printed since i took them back when Hurricane Ike rolled through, and i had nothing better to do while the electricity was out, but to take photos of anything and everything i saw within reach of the 100mm macro lens. So it's been awhile. So im taking her post and using it as a kick in the butt to finally do it. Thanks Z! haha

But now i gotta go make dinner (AH!!!)

Here's a photo i've been meaning to take for awhile and finally did today, where i was outside a total of about 10 seconds, thank you hot cement and bare feet and texas summer.


April July 5, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

LOVE the photo. That was a freaking awesome idea.

Anonymous July 6, 2009 at 11:06 AM  

very cool picture!

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