Thursday, July 9, 2009

America is Phat

Everyone always asks me HOW in the world I walk in these shoes. I don't know, I just do. I love these shoes. They are my favorite bargain pair of shoes ever. They are by Joey O. And I got them at Ross for $14.99. In case you were wondering. But that was last year, and i know they dont have them anymore, so I dont know what else to tell you. Feel free to make fun of my toes. Justin does, I'm used to it. I make fun of the too. Thank you biological father for nothin! HA! Anyway - I dont know how i walk in them either. It's fairly easy on carpet. I get a little nervous on hard flooring. But I can make it down the stairs. If my clumsy butt can make it down the stairs in these shoes...I dont know why other people can't make it down the stairs in shoes that look nothing like these. Oh wait! It's called laziness! Today, I carried a box up the stairs in these shoes, while two perfectly capable folks carried nothing but a cup from a fast food place through the doors of our elevator to go up a single story. Hence, America is considered a very fat country. Fat and lazy. (Seriously, google America Fattest Nation) Except these people I'm talking about weren't fat...just lazy apparently. But I see it every day. And some of the people are quite large, and should be taking the stairs. And I feel sorry for some of them, cause I have a large grandma and listen to her about her weight and back problems, but I don't feel real bad when you just keep eating fast food and taking elevators. Call it rude, whatev, it's totally true. And I watch it on TV all the time on Discovery Health because that channel hypnotizes me! HYPNOTIZES ME!!! But I dont really know anyone 1000lbs or even 600lbs and I cant even imagine that, but i still dont understand what drives these people to put on that much weight. And I hope I dont ever have to experience that first hand with myself or my grandma or anyone else in my family, cause it looks really sad. Sometimes I cry. No joke. But I still love you America. Thank you for discovery health and cable tv. I wonder if those shows make a difference to people tho? Like, I mean, I watch them, and think, holy. crap. I'ma go eat some veggies and hit the gym, a.k.a my living room and my wii, which is better than nothin thank you. But I did see a story on my dvr last week, where one woman had seen another man's story and it drove her to help herself, and that was pretty neat. Oh oh, and then there's the Biggest Loser. Show totally makes me cry. But i guarantee you they've helped a ton of people! oh! and then there's that one show..um..Inside BrookHaven Obesity Clinic. This show makes me mad sometimes. Cause there's people on there that are there because their weight is really life threatening and they know it, but then they dont follow their diet and excercise plans and eventually have to be kicked out cause insurance won't pay for it. It's sad too! And i dont mean any of this rudely (except the people i saw at work this morning, cause that's just irritating), but i dont mean any of it else rudely. I'm mesmerized really. Mesmerized. But I'm easily mesmerized. Lol Hence...i ramble alot. My bad. Didn't mean to write SO much, but there's no point in deleting in now. pft

Oh! And to further give meaning to my blog tag Whats Wrong With the World - yesterday, my neighborhood, truck broken into - GPS and gun stolen. This morning, my bff's co-worker - kidnapped and taken to ATM to pull money out of bank account. WTF PEOPLE. Work for you OWN CHIT! YOU LAZY MOFOS.


Amanda July 9, 2009 at 5:03 PM  

great blog. i agree 100%. i dont mean to be rude about it either, but i want people to have a nice life and be able to do all sorts of stuff.

the biggest loser rocks. its on my top list of shows. i cry too.

and i hate thieves. with a passion. makes me sick. :(

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