Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm so sore, but i think it was worth it?

Well i think we totally missed the planting/gardening season...but i figure better late than never? maybe? unless you live in texas. and it's 104 degrees outside in June. and you're actually probably better off just leaving your flower beds perfectly alone and dry. but anyway. we worked on ours all day yesterday. like all day. it probably would've only taken about 2 hours. but we were only outside for about 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes outside, 20 inside. or something. and we each drank a whole bottle of water at each inside break. i think we went through an entire case of dassani. But that's better than a heat stroke... and I can't believe we dont have any sunscreen in the house! I looked and looked and there's none here. My face moisturizer has spf 15 in it, so i dabbed some on...it helped a little. Justin's dad was playing golf at 11 AM yesterday. He was wearing spf 100. I didnt even know they made spf 100. But we went to eat with his parents last night, and there wasnt a smidgen of a clue on his skin that he was out in 104 degree weather for 4 hours. awesome. Justin's neck on the other hand...looks like a tomato. Not quite as bad as when we floated down the river 5 years ago and it looked like someone painted his legs with red paint. that was awful. but his neck is still pretty red....I'm not burned, but that's probably because i tanned for about a month before the wedding, and im still ok over here... My body on the other hand, feel like i slept on a bed of nails. I'm so sore. and my left hand is extremely cramped. i dont even know why my hand hurts. but i cant make a very tight fist. It's mostly my thumb. meh, enough rambling. here's some pics of the flower bed. I didnt expect it to take allllll day. maybe i can mess with the inside of the house today. hmph.

Here's some before (only it's not reallllly completely before...we had already planted a couple of the shrubs since there was a big dead spot)

And here's some afters.


Anonymous June 30, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

looks great! wanna come do mine?! I'll pay you in cupcakes!

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