Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Love Food, but it scares me.

I don't cook much. I'm not that interested in cooking...but I'm more interested than i used to be. Justin goes through phases of liking it. We got a couple new cookbooks but havent begun to do anything more then flip through them and drool. I keep asking him to it down with me and pick out a few things and go grocery shopping with me. Heck, it was his idea in the first place actually, but we still haven't yet. Sometimes i wish i didnt need a cookbook - but then i remember, i have hobbies that interest me much more than cooking, and i dont feel like taking the time to learn how to cook without a cookbook. You can call me lazy - I will call myself entertained with my other hobbies. When i moved in with Justin - he had really crappy pots and pans. I dont like crappy pots and pans - even if i dont use them. So we went off and bought some non-stick cookware and it does it's job just fine. Nice set really. Came with some utensils too so i wouldnt use the metal ones i had and scratch the new pots. What i really wanted was an extra large skillet of sorts. A deep one. I'm sure there's a name specifically for this, but i'm just going to call it a deep skillet. I'd call it a wok, since i mostly cook stir-fry in it, but to me, a wok has that weird circular v shape, and this is really just a deep skillet. So we picked one of those up when Linen's and Things went down the toilet and it's been my favorite item in the kitchen since. Before that it was this cover everything lid that i got for like $8 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Anyway - in the middle of one of Justin's cooking phases, he wanted some stainless steel pots and pans, so I registered for an Emeril set. And we got it. I opened the box, and put them up, and I have not used them. They scare the chit out of me. I've been told that they will hold up pretty well and that i should just dive in and use them, but I havent been that brave yet. They're so shiny. And i think we should pick out something from our cookbooks to pop the cherry on the stainless steel anyway.

So we eat out alot. Not as much as we used to. But we eat out alot. Mainly at Gringos because it's really really good mexican food, and you get a whole lot for the price. Another favorite of ours is Red Robin. Actually im just obsessed with french fries and ketchup, and they're bottomless there. And our favorite place to go on Thursday nights is this little place called No Small Affair. Thursday night is chicken fried steak night and it's yummay. Getting the hubs to eat anywhere else tho, is kinda difficult. I'm desperately trying to get him to take me to Earl of Sandwich. My friend Alisha turned me onto this place while we were on our honeymoon at Disney. For Disney, this place wasn't real expensive, and it was totally tasty. If you go to Disney World - go to Downtown Disney and eat there. We were in Sugarland meeting a guy to buy a camera lens, and I missed the turn in to the meeting spot. So I go to pull a u-turn, and holy cow, there's an Earl of Sandwich. I'd never heard of this place until Alisha mentioned it to me while we were at Disney World, so I just thought it was something that was only in Florida. I didn't even think to go to their website and search for other locations. I had the Earl's Cobb salad. I didnt think I liked cranberries, but the salad was dee-licious. Another favorite on my list is Chipotle. I don't get to go NEAR often enough. Please eat some burritos for me. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Please, please go eat some burritos.

PS - I pulled my own version of "my hubs left the garage door open all night." I left the burner on the stove on. All night. At least it was on really low?


Anonymous June 16, 2009 at 12:44 PM  

i did the same thing with a burner one night too.. there was a pan on top of it though... no problems luckily!!

Amanda June 16, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

i think you need to start using those pans missy! make something yummy!

Anonymous June 16, 2009 at 11:57 PM  

I love No Small Affair!
I need to meet you! I live in Sienna! So close to you!

April June 17, 2009 at 12:41 AM  

have you tried Wolfgang Puck expess? That is at downtown Disney...other places too. It is the shit. I am sad there isnt one here.

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