Friday, April 1, 2011

Ship To A Soldier

I realize it's been awhile since I posted on this blog. My studio blog is hoppin' tho! (And I'm gonna post this there too! haha - I'm gonna post this everywhere!!!)

But the last post I made here, was about I Race In Heels, and I recently have been getting active on twitter for it also. I'm posting now, because another female pro drag racer I follow (Tina Stull) is very supportive of our military. She asked us to follow a beef jerky company (Jerky Johns) who was new to twitter, and the 100th follower would win a free pound of jerky! Then we found at that that jerky could be sent to a soldier, and off I was to click the follow button! Turns out... I was lucky number 100! Now, I don't quite know how to read the military addresses exactly (someone tell me!!!), but I googled enough to find out that my jerky went to a gentleman stationed in Afghanistan, 101st Airborne Infantry division I think, and then I don't know if the name after FOB or Attn has to do with his base in Afghanistan, but I hope he enjoys his jerky. He got a letter with the jerky with my name on it (Rebecca Davis) and explaining the twitter contest. Thinking about sending him a card with my I Race In Heels logo on just to wish him well.

Just wanted to share in case you were thinking about a way to send something from home overseas to a soldier!


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