Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Makeover, For real.

Just as we finished up our first real decorated room in the house...we get some pretty nasty news.

We've got Chinese dry wall. Fan-friggin-tastic.

What does that mean? Heck, I'm not sure exactly. I'm sure it means a whole lot of stress in my near future.

Our neighbors to the left have it. My cousin and his wife two door to the right have it. 5 houses down to the right is clear. and across the street and to the left one, is clear. At least we won't be at it alone.

We're on our 3rd AC coil, we've got smoke detectors that beep constantly, bloody noses, irritated eyes... And I'd like to think my computer problems are somewhat related. There's no real known long-term effects, they just know it's not good for you.

Awesome. I wanted a new house, but not like this. Another inspector comes Friday. We either get a whole new different house, or this one gets gutted. I'm hoping for a whole new house, but I don't have my hopes up yet. Will keep the blog posted...


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