Monday, September 27, 2010

Softball Ouchie

Some of you know that Justin and I play co-ed softball in Pearland. This season our team is...can you guess? The fastbacks. Surprising right? Even more surprising? We actually didn't pick it out! The new season started this past weekend, and we put up a good fight, but lost one and won one. Here's our color & logo:


Well, I started the season with a bang. Justin is our short stop, and I pitch. Ya, I'm pretty much the only girl pitcher we've seen in the co-ed league down here. Weird? But anyway - in the last inning, I got a line drive hit back at my ankle. The same ankle that's been hit twice before while not on the mound. Can you say ouchie? I walked it off immediately and finished the game, but as soon as the game was over i felt my shoe digging into the swelling and off I went to meet Mr. Ice Pack.

First photo, from the end of the game (the lump, is not my ankle) - 2nd photo @ 48 hrs later.



Unknown September 27, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

ouch! If it makes you feel better I have a huge scratch on my leg bc I thought it was a good idea to slide last Friday...

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