Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Not too long ago, I praised Maybelline for their newest eyeliner, and still love it to pieces. And me, being one to try every single mascara you can buy outside of a department store, had to try their newest mascara, after my bestie said she liked it. I wanted to like it too. But after my usage - i'm pretty sure they named it "falsies" because false eyelashes are what you're going to need after you use this mess. My eyelashes were so crispy. and not full in the slightest! I wanted to pluck them out. I know we all have different eyelashes, and I need to remember to post photos - I'm gonna work on that. I may even come back and update this later this evening with a photo. But I plan on donating this tube to my best friend, and never purchasing it again. I don't even want to mix it with anything. I much preferred the Colossal mascara, and even it wouldn't make my top 5. Lash Stiletto beats them both by far.

Anyone else used any of the above? Would love to hear your opinions.


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