Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Toilet paper oh toilet paper. not a big deal...right?! I'm not talking about the over or under thing..that's a whole other thing on it's own...and frankly, i dont quite care...i just care that it's ON the rolly thing it's supposed to be on...as I am continuously putting it back after Justin takes it off because he says...it's easier to use that way. and i havent yet been able to get him to put it back on the holder when he's done.

When i moved in...I brought my Angel Soft with me. It's cheap. It works.

Apparently, Justin is much more picky when it comes to what touches his bum.

He insisted we buy something else. He picked Charmin.

I hate it.

You see - Justin had gotten sort of used to the Angel Soft and it being...thinner, he says. But when we got the Charmin...he used the exact. same. amount. of tissue. Which led to the toilet being clogged. all the time. i think we're finally getting somewhere and improving that tho.

Until yesterday.

The weather here is AWFUL right now, and has been for weeks, if not months on end - and there was just no way we were going to the grocery store to get toilet paper last night. But...we needed gas in one of the vehicles for me to drive today - and i made Justin run into the convenient store and grab some TP. They must not have had Charmin.

He came back with Quilted Northern. I think this is a brilliant compromise between the cheap thin Angel Soft and the too freaking fluffy Charmin. He agreed we could buy this one from now on.



Sabrina Bowen February 19, 2010 at 8:48 PM  

So, just discovering your blog...I'm a huge Charmin fan. Will not use anything else. Have tried just about everything else to save some money, but I'm always drawn back to Charmin Ultra Soft. Ahhh...

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