Monday, December 21, 2009

New Hairstyle

For me anyway - it's probably not new to a single one of you.

I decided to take some fashion inspiration from my 14 yr old sister and part of what i got her for christmas...just not as extreme. She's getting some elaborate feathery headbands from Forever 21. Well, Saturday i went shopping with my bestie for a scarf, and happened to try on a headband myself. Loved it (strange!). Wasn't even considering paying that much. So went back to forever 21. I kid you not - all the cool ones were gone. Gone gone gone. Then bestie remembered there was an icing a couple stores down, so we went there, and i walked out with 4 completely different looks in headbands. I got a black sequined one that can be dressed up or down, a really shiny double row one perfect for a night out, a crazy swirled wire one that was just too cool not to get considering it was buy 1 get 1 half off, and then the one im wearing today, that basically looks like i pinned a metal flower in my hair. I think it's a cute touch for my otherwise plain work hairstyle. Check it out:  (it's actually more on the side than directly on top like this pic kinda looks like)

And if you have any other simple (keyword - SIMPLE) ideas for me...please say so. lol!


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