Friday, November 13, 2009

Scatterbrained. And Persuasive.

That should be my middle name.

I mean really - look how much the topics of my blog posts jump around? haha

And i tell you what - i can lose a pen like no one else. I have like 12 on my desk, and ill pick one up, write, set it down, and go to grab it, and it's nowhere to be found...so i grab another one, and end up with a bunch of open pens before the days over...

I had to take this time management video class at work...and i know how to manage my time, i get all my work done, but it touched on the subject of finishing something before you start something else. i should really listen to that part. If im working on one email, and another one pops up, i just minimize what im doing to the first one, and start the other one too. and while i think im a good multi-tasker too, i think sometimes it's a problem.

I can walk to one room in my house to do something and the once i get there, i forget what i was going to do. Or I'll think about something to tell my bestie, and when i open the compose mail button, i completely forget what im going to say. I forget little things like that alot. Sometimes i wonder if my short term memory is just bad. Like one morning, Justin kissed me goodbye, and as he was walking out the door, I go: what? No goodbye kiss? Ya...

But I tell you one thing - when i DO remember something, there ain't noooo winning that argument. It could be something you said or did a month ago. or 5 years ago. And if you're not sure, i guarantee you I'm correct. It's the strangest thing. And im not lying when trying to convince you i remember...i really remember some stuff that well. But i either remember really well or not at all. It's annoying really. But on the convincing note - Justin thinks i should've been a lawyer. He says that if we walked outside and he told me the sky was blue but i said it was green, that by the end of the argument, he'd think it was green too. hahaha. I dunno, i think that might be a useful trait to have in some cases.

And because im completely random (it's friday - 3 people are gone, im covering for them, im pooped and going crazy, just let me ramble...):

What the heck is the difference between acrylic and gel nails?! The salon did gel this time...it seems shinier, even without buffing. I got them done again on Friday when Brandy was here (and now i remember why i dont paint them hardly ever - hello paint chips cause i cant keep them out of my mouth). She was here for like 4 1/2 days..see the More Photos link up there? Go click on it. Or dont...if you dont like bugs. Maybe when i get home ill blog about her whole trip here. I've actually got alot to blog about (another zoo trip, racing, new website, tshirt designs, etc.), im just waaaay to uncoordinated today (obviously) to try. Forgive me.


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