Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm 24 and my eyes suck.

For the last few months my eyes have been really red. like worse than drunk bloodshot red. all the time. morning to night. Everyone noticed. Weird thing was - my eyes werent bothering me. I wouldn't even know they were red unless i looked in the mirror. Occasionally when the pollen in the air was really bad, i might have some problems...I would blink and then my contact would move and my vision would go blurry for a view seconds. Repeat. Every time i blinked. for a good hour. I just thought i had bad allergies... I was wrong.

But my eyes being red were only partially the reason for my eye dr. visit yesterday... I also needed a new pair of glasses. Badly. Note to self - don't lose glasses case. If you do, go buy a new one. Do not put glasses in makeup bag with tweezers in your suitcase. They get scratched, bad. Plus, i wanted a new style anyway... I got a new pair. Will post when they come in. Back to my eyes looking creepy..

I'll warn you now - don't google what im about to tell you. It's gross. Unless you like gross things...but i did...and i just lost my appetite for lunch... the link below isnt horrible...but the google images are sick.

Dr. didnt find anything wrong with eyes...at first. So that's when she suspected what IS wrong with them... She lifted up my eyelids and BAM! I've got giant papillary conjunctivitis aka GPC. I've been wearing contact lenses since 7th grade y'all... (glasses since 3rd grade - im seriously almost blind, it's awful). I'm sure this was just boooooooound to happen. Add to it that I sit in front of the computer from sun up to sun down daily, and im plain screwed. But what threw my dr off is that other than that blinking tidbit i mentioned earlier (which reading that article again - i see it mentioned...cool..) - my eyes didnt really bother me. All those symptoms... i aint got. just red eyes. which isnt even listed. and it should be. or perhaps it should just be added on to irritation, cause that's gotta be what cause it. so i guess i do have one symptom... So - the dr. gave me some eye drops and ive got a follow-up appt in a month to check progress, tho she said it could take 3-4 months to completely go away. She didnt tell me i had to stop wearing my contacts tho. But she gave me a thinner one and im wearing them today. I think it does in fact help. But with my new glasses, i do plan on wearing them more, so hopefully it'll help the healing process for my eyes. And then im switching contacts again. I cant imagine my contact lens solution being the problem as ive been using it for yeeeeeeeears, so im going to blame it on the lenses i was wearing and the horrible pollen in the air this year. But here's to my eyes not being red too much longer! whew!

Wanna know where the age thing comes into my blog title? ha...

I was sitting in front of the lady ordering my glasses and she flipped the monitor around to have me review my personal information. My street was spelled wrong, so i fixed that, and also changed Ms. to Mrs. (she even complimented me in that i even noticed that! lol!)...and then i saw my age, and i actually started to argue that the computer was wrong. that ya, my birthday is 8/13/85 just like it says but i was not 24! The screen said 24 (3) so i thought oh im 23, hence the parenthesis and it just round it up! um...computers arent wrong. I'm 24. I guess i forgot my little sister turned 22. Cause i thought she was 21...and im always like, well im 2 yrs older than her... my bad. This also means that Justin is not 27 (as i always think he is 4 yrs older than me) - he's 28. Which also means my whole having a kid timeline just got completely rethought. Dang.


FJ November 19, 2009 at 1:05 PM  

You are the first person other than myself that I know now that has this. I got an eye infection last year-from not changing my contact case and while being diagnosed, he found I had GPC. I had to wear glasses for a month-mainly because of the infection but he told me I'd never be able to wear my usual contact lenses again and switch to another one, but he was wrong. I still wear my same brand. I did the drops I was prescribed but then stopped. One of them is a tiny vial and it's $50 with insurance! Really my eyes have been fine but because allergies have been bothering me, I had a GPC flareup in my left eye. If you get a flareup and don't have time to get a prescription or see the eye doc, you can manage it by wearing your glasses during the time and using artificial tears before you go to bed. Also in the morning before you pop your contacts in or glasses. Dryness is a major irritant so the key is to keep your eyes moisturized. I also took claritan at that time.

Mrs. Lovers Knot November 19, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

Ok I really should have listened to you and NOT click on the link you provided because I have this weird thing about a bunch of small circles/bumps close together. I don't know what it is but it grosses me out. Hope you get better soon. Oh yea, I am pretty blind too.

April November 20, 2009 at 7:00 PM  

we went to the eye doc last month and DH's eye doc flipped up his lid and he has it too! Then we had to be honest on how often he REALLY tosses his contacts...well I was honest with the doc at least...lol

Rebecca November 24, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

ive actually never taken BETTER care of my eyes than i do now. i havent slept in my contacts in a year or so now...lol oh well.

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