Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Thumbs Up...

...for the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department. Seriously.

Guess what - Justin left the garage door open. Again. I know i closed it when i got home, I always do. I'm paranoid remember? Well we made the biggest disaster ive ever seen in my kitchen last night (more on that in a minute), and Justin took out the trash - and left the garage door open. I must not have actually heard the door cause the tv was on, or I'd have checked before bed. So at about 2:35 this morning, im in the middle of some dream where im at camp somewhere, and justin is rolling out of bed very quickly and grabbing his gun. im like what's going on!?! I sleep like a rock - i didnt hear anything. Then he's yelling WHO IS IT!! at the door. And i realize ok someone must've knocked. (This happened once before, it was our neighbors possibly going to the ER.) But then i hear him open the door calmly and i still dont know who's there. Then I hear the garage shut. And im like - great. Great great great. And so Justin comes back in and I ask what was that about? And he said he was nice. I'm like who was nice?! He said the sheriff! I said the sheriff?! Apparently there's been some car break ins (UGH!) - and the sheriff was checking all the houses with the garage open (awesome!). Luckily, nothing was missing...

And i give one thumbs up for that - and another one for a previous encounter we've had with them. We walked out of marble slab one day to find some hispanic dude sitting in our truck. We had my 14 yr old sister with us so i didnt want her to get hurt or anything either...The guy sees us, gets out of our truck and hops in a car and takes off. Justin had thrown his keys at the car cause that's all he had, so i know it scratched the car...But we call the sheriff's department and report it, so they can come down there and patrol a bit. And they did! Very quickly too. They called us to follow up three times and got descriptions of what the guy was wearing and what kind of car he was in - and they caught him! They actually had 3 people stopped and when we described what he was wearing, they had him! and he had a warrant out for his arrest anyway. Creep.

so I love the sheriff's department.

On the kitchen note - we made this chicken/broccoli/cheese casserole thing last night and my kitchen was a mess. I decided to try rice in it too, and I can't even cook rice y'all. I think i just needed a bigger pot. And i probably should've only cooked half the bag. Whatever. I saved a few spoonfuls and just put my chicken and broccoli and cheese on top of it. Tasted fine. Luckily I tried to clean up as we messed up and that worked pretty good. Obviously i wasnt meant to be a chef...


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