Thursday, October 29, 2009

Follow-Up Review...

...to the dry shampoo. I like it. I guess i didnt shake it up very well on Monday. Or perhaps i should've sprayed it in the air or something to make sure it was coming out. I've never used it before, i didnt know what it was supposed to look like!! This morning it had more color/white/powdery look to it and i was like, well damn, monday was a waste. ha. But it works very well. im not going to make a habit out of using it, but i wanted to use it this week to make sure i liked it.

AND, I went to target yesterday. Lord help me, i bought another new mascara...Revlon DoubleTwist.

I had no idea what to expect, but i remember seeing the commercial for the 2 in 1 kind of brush. I used it this morning. It made my lashes happily thick, without clumping. It didnt add any length whatsoever, but the lashes are thick enough, im ok with that. And im perfectly happy not topping this mascara off with the lovely Lash Stiletto either. Which isnt the norm for me. But it's a good out of the norm. This new Revlon probably goes in my top 3 fave mascaras now. Keep in mind - i do not use mascaras that cost over $12. Been meaning to try a few from Ulta, but i dont go shopping the mall counters. This also rings true for eyeshadows and blushes. Why, i do not know. Because i will spend money on powder foundation and moisturizer. Probably because i wear them every day, and moisturizer is important.

If you have any mascaras you recommend - regardless of price range - let me know.


April October 31, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

Dry shampoo is the best. I love the Rockaholic one.

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