Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogging About Lunch, While Eating Lunch, Yes I Am

Ok so i bring my lunch to work every day - it's usually a Lean Cuisine, a Healthy Choice, or Marie Calendars frozen lunch...usually one of about 10 flavors i like...

And someone recently said they hated lean cuisines, and im thinking, well you just havent tried the flavors I like yet... So ill tell you the flavors i like, mmk?

(side note - i wish all the stores carried all the flavors, but i realize that's a lot of flavors, and so when i go to certain stores i have to stock up on certain flavors, to avoid multiple trips...and while on the lean cuisine website i see flavors ive never even seen and i want to try them!)

I'll start with my favorite. Three Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni. This thing is delicious. It's one of those i have to stock up on. The sauce, the veggies, pasta, and cheese. Perfect combo of yumminess. As yummy as you can get with a frozen dinner i suppose.

A new favorite: Grilled Chicken Caesar. This is what im eating today. Originally, i spotted this flavor in the Target brand, market pantry or whatever, and thought hmmm, ill try it! and i did, and it was delicious. Except ive been doing grocery shopping at Kroger, and havent been to Target much lately. Then i spotted the same thing in Lean Cuisine and my worries were solved... I actually think the Target one mightve tasted a tad better tho?

Cheese Ravioli. Much better than the cheese ravioli by SmartOnes.

Sweet & Sour Chicken. I cant eat real chinese food. This is as close as it gets for me. Then again, I love pineapple too.

Cheese Lasagna & Chicken. Kind of a strange combo, but not bad.

On the back of the Lean Cuisine box:
Wellness Tip: Enjoying your meals from a plate and eating more slowly can lead to a more satisfying meal.

Really? That just reminds me how little bit of food im actually eating cause it doesnt even take up half the plate. Juss sayin...

And now im dreaming about the halloween cupcakes and cookies I got from Justins mom last night and i cant wait to eat when i get home. I had a cupcake for breakfast.


Anonymous October 19, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

I dig michelinas and lean cuisine dinners! Yummy!

But sometimes I have to switch it up!

Mrs. Lovers Knot October 22, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

I only will eat lean cuisine, I've tried other brands and hated it. There are only a few flavors I eat too, I might have to try some of the ones you suggested.

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