Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why yes, I do like to AW my niece & nephew.

And also - my family has WAY too many summer birthdays!! Apparently everybody was busy making babies in the winter months. Well everybody except me. Ya. Cause all this summer - you've got Justin's, mine, my sisters, ALL of her kiddos, Aunt Lauras is the same day as mine, her daughters, some folks in Justins family...all between the end of June, July, & mid-August. summer is a madhouse. An expensive present buying madhouse!! I'm getting my nephews stick horses for their birthdays this month, oh yes I am! They have boots and love their boots, and ill probably find them a cheap hat to play in too. And how selfish is this, im only getting them stick horses so i can take this super cute picture i saw. But i do think they'll have lots of fun with them too. Anyway, the last birthday we "celebrated" was Sarah's...except we didnt really celebrate cause we like to spend money on her kids instead. So we just kinda came over and hung out and took lots of photos. Mom got her a rug. Sucks growing up and having kiddos...you get rugs for your birthday! bwaha! no really, micah's too cute not to take pics of like, every time i see him. he's gonna be a heartbreaker. Rylie still looks too much like a little boy until Sarah puts clothes on her. Then her blue eyes take over and you barely notice the lack of hair on her head. Here's some fun photos of the kiddos and grandma (aka, my mother).

Mom brought ice cream:

Brother & Sister

See - heartbreaker.


And heres my youngest sis just for fun. She's obsessed with myspace and everytime i take pics of her i make a point to process them really funky.

And all 3 sisters. Sarah was sick, but that never stops my shutter button. bwaha. Justin took the one of me a few weeks ago.


Anonymous August 4, 2009 at 2:56 PM  

great photos chica!

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