Thursday, August 20, 2009

So i think i have the strangest appetite in my immediate world?

My whole department went to lunch with a supplier today to celebrate/send off one of our employees going to college after this week. We had lunch at the restaurant in Bass Pro Shops. I'm not a sea food eater. I *think* im allergic to shell fish. The doctors *thought* so, so therefor *I* think so. It could be MSG or whatever that crap is in chinese food. I dont really know. I just know, that the last 2 times ive had chinese food, the chicken had been cooked with shrimp, and the eggroll quite possibly had shrimp in it and i went to the ER by mySELF at 4AM and then spent Easter Sunday in the hospital. So i dont eat chinese food. Or shellfish. I love chinese food. I hate shellfish anyway. I dont even like fish fish. But I eat tuna fish...the canned stuff. I dunno why. But back to Bass Pro Shops. 1 - the burger i had, the meat, was literally twice as large as the bun it was on, and i actually could not eat it all. This is a rare occurence. 2 - the little bit of bread they bring out as an appetizer was topped with sugar. This sparked the following conversation:

Guy next to me: I think the bread's topped with sugar.

*me thinking mmmm i thought it tasted slightly different but delicious. I love bread*

Another guy about 5 minutes later: It tastes like the bread has sugar on it.

Girl going to college: It does have sugar on it. See! *points to the top of the bread*

Me: It's like a sugar sandwich!

Everyone has a weird look on their face and says Huh?

Me: Y'all never had sugar sandwiches when you were little?! You get a piece of bread, you slop some butter on it, spoon a few spoonfuls of sugar on it, fold in half, and take a big bite. a sugar sandwich!!

Girl from supplier: It's better when you put it on toast with a dash of cinnamon too!

Me: Uh, no that's called cinnamon toast. I'm talking about a sugar sandwich!

Girl from supplier: You're lucky you're sitting over there so i cant kick you!

Guy from supplier: You aint from around here are ya?

As a matter of fact I am not. I'm from a hicktown near Austin, TX. And when i was a kid...i used to get GROUNDED from sugar sandwiches. It's like the only thing i would make myself. Me and my sister wanted them for every meal. Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Whateversbetweenlunch&dinner. Supper. All. the. time. the kitchen counters looked like we had danced in a rainfall of sugar. Which we probably did too.

go fix your kid a sugar sandwich!!


April Michelle August 21, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

lol....what about a syrup sandwich. my mom would never buy sweets so i was forced to come up with my own. pour a little waffle syrup on the bread smoosh then eat.

Shannon August 21, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

Hey now..watch what you say about this "hick town" :) I used to eat Sugar Sandwiches all the time and I was born and raised in Alvin. It think it has more to do with being a southern country thing more than an Austin hicktown thing :)

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