Monday, August 31, 2009


got lots of new stuff. A new haircut, new shirts, pants, shoes, shorts, makeup. aaaaah. That usually means im going somewheres. And that somewheres this time is Vegas! Oooooh yes, Las Vegas. We got engaged in Vegas in April 2008. We're considering this trip our 2nd honeymoon since we left Disney early. i'll take it. I think we've pretty much traded & upgraded all of our camera gear since the 1st trip. Seriously. We dont have a single body or lens that we took last year, anymore.

this was taken from the Bellagio last year :

If you didnt go to Dillards within the last week - you totally missed out on a killer sale. It was like 40% off in addition to clearance prices. i snagged a pair of hot pink jessica simpson peep toe heels for less than 20 bucks. Justin got 7 polo shirts. and i got some pants and 2 shirts.

I got side swept bangs :


That was the day of the cut. They look different all the time. depending on how i swing my head. or the humidity. or whatever. But i looooooooove it. Had more layers added too. It was time for a change, glad i did it.

new makeup : http://www.purminerals.com/
My bestie and I went to Ulta - and it was the last day of this promotion. And usually im just like eh, it's a promotion, they're supposed to try and get you to buy this stuff. For some reason we were like what the hell, and let em tell us about this stuff. I like to wear mineral powder foundation daily, as opposed to liquid foundation (i use estee lauder double wear) for only special occasions. Well up until saturday - the loreal bare naturale had been my fave. and when i ran out of it a few months ago, i picked up oooh, the maybelline one, the revlon one, and the covergirl one...you know...just to try them. haha. well i didnt like any of them as well as loreal, and said what the heck, and tried the ulta one too. it was pretty good. but i still hadnt picked up loreal again, so i started mixing all the different ones i had together since it was loose powder anyway. haha! it's been working tho! quite well. except when i was outside at work and i would sweat - and it got clumpy or came off or both. so the pur mineral lady showed us this 4-in-1 pressed powder compact and put it on Mander's face. It went on light-weighted and covered her red spots. She also put on some kick-ass eyeliner. Which was what sold me. Cause when i sweat outside, my eyeliner goes away too. This purminerals stuff does NOT come off. It's like waterproof. i wore the powder and eyeliner all day saturday after my little mini makeover and at the end of the day it still looked great. And well, we got this eye shadow pallette and concealer brush for free too. haha. im not too impressed with the eyeshadows yet, but ill definitely never buy anyone elses eye liner again.


Mrs. Lovers Knot September 1, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

Ohhh loving the bangs!

Audrey September 2, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

Lookin' hott girl!! :) I was lucky enough to kinda do the same myself! We deserve it!! Haha! I'm so glad we've started contacting each other again!

Anonymous September 14, 2009 at 11:31 PM  

I love the bangs! Enjoy your trip! Where are you staying in Vegas? How long is the trip?

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