Thursday, August 6, 2009

For the record, I love my job.

Both of my jobs, but right now im talking about my 8-5 job. Being a buyer. For a couple things..i mean i really do like it. the job as a whole. my suppliers are awesome and my co-workers in my department are awesome and i love learning new things and what the parts that i deal with do. it's interesting. my job has alot of plus sides too. one being that, your suppliers thank you for your business. our sales department thanks our customers too. that's business right? im surprised i dont gain 20 lbs at christmas time because the food items just pour in every day. well it's not christmas...but today...today, we got chocolate cake. delicious. and then my birthday is next week and we'll have cake again. and i still have ice cream cake. im going to go eat some ice cream cake. i need that room in the freezer.


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