Monday, August 10, 2009

Pros & Cons of taking your iPhone into the bathroom.

The main reason im scared to take my phone into the bathroom? It's expensive. The bathroom is germy. and I dont want to drop it into the toilet. I know a guy who dropped his t-mobile sidekick in the toilet. I couldnt imagine how. He had to have been text messaging while standing up to pee or something. Anyway - it still scares me. But it doesnt scare me enough to not take it in there. I think the pro side of taking the phone in there much outweighs my fear of my phone going swimming. Oh and im talking about at home. There is absolutely no reason to take your phone into the bathroom at work. Ive been in the stall at work, and someone answered their phone. What possibly could not wait 2 minutes to call someone back, i did not figure out. So at home :

Pro # 1 - If you run out of toilet paper, you can call/text your spouse to bring you some more. Justin has done this before. No lie.

Pro # 2 - If you're going to be in there awhile, there's games you can play. There's an internet to browse. Just please, no twittering.

Pro # 3 - If someone breaks into your house, you can call 911. I've thought about this numerous times. I think im just paranoid.


GoAgainstTheGrain August 12, 2009 at 2:53 PM  

haha i think all your reasons are good reasons to take it in there with you. of course I'd also be scared of dropping it lol

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